4 Spray Chalk Activities to Make You Love Summertime

hopscotch created using spray chalk

Despite the Texas heat, we LOVE spending time playing outdoors. And while the kids generally come up with their own activities when playing together or with neighbors, I definitely jump in every now and then with prompts or ideas to facilitate play. Sometimes I bring out a new toy, sometimes we sit and color, and other times I help them come up with games to play. Testors spray chalk is such a fun way to create quick games to play outdoors, and we are sharing 4 of our favorites today.

Spraychalk hopscotch game

1. DIY Spray Chalk Hopscotch

Within minutes, you can spray a hopscotch course using your favorite spray chalk colors. This is a go-to game of ours. Even though we have previously owned expensive carpet versions of this game, the spray version has always been the favorite among the crowd, seeing the most engagement.

Follow the Line game using spray chalk

2. Follow the Line Game

This activity is surprisingly mesmerizing for kids. Simply spray a design using any spray chalk color, looping and twisting around and mark the end with an “X”, then watch the kids wind around and around, over and over again. With unlimited course options, you can never run out of design concepts. Simple, but FUN!

follow the line game using spray chalk

Follow the line game with spray chalk

Follow the line game using spray chalk

3. DIY Bean Bag Toss

We created a bulls-eye on our lawn, spraying 5 circles ranging from small to large in white spray chalk. We added numerical values to each section in a contrasting color, then kept score as the kids took turns tossing colorful bean bags.

For a simple variation to this game, you could create a larger game in your yard, creating individual circles with numerical values at random, allowing each participant to toss from a designated line.

Bean bag toss game using spray chalk

4. DIY Yard Tic Tac Toe

We created a simple tic tac toe board in our yard with white spray chalk, and then everyone took turns playing with inflatable X’s and O’s.

tic tac toe game using spray chalk

I love that I can create these games virtually instantaneously for my family, that they are affordable games to create and that it simply fades away in sunlight or washes away with the next rainfall. Give it a try and let us know what games you come up with!

We can’t wait to see what games you come up with for summertime!!

spray chalk outdoor activities for summertime

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