How to Create Colorful Marble Paintings with Kids

marble painting craft for kids

If you are looking for a simple, hands-on craft that inspires your child’s creativity, then you will love creating marble paintings! I am a HUGE fan of simple crafts that I can easily gather supplies for, but that also allow the kids to create unique designs over and over again. This marble painting craft requires only a few supplies and is budget friendly. In fact, I found the bag of assorted marbles at our local Dollar Tree and we always stock paper and paint, so for $1, we created a new craft!

I keep most of my children’s craft activity ideas either organized in a binder or in clear gallon zip-loc bags containing the supplies and instructions. For this craft, I simply printed the instructions for marble paintings, printed several inspiration photos and placed them inside a sealed, clear gallon sized bag along with assorted marbles. Whenever we are in need of an activity, the kids can choose from the binder full of ideas, or grab one of my ready to go craft kits in the clear bags. It makes for easy crafting!

Marble Paintings 

Ages: Toddler+

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic or Tempera Paint Bottles in a Variety of Colors (3-5 color options is a great start)
  • Marbles in Assorted Sizes (it’s fun to see the different patterns created with the variety of sizes)
  • 8.5×11” sheets of paper (light colored paper works best, although any color will do the trick)
  • Disposable Tin or Washable Container for the Paper to Sit Inside

Supplies to create marble paintings


  1. Select your paper and place it inside of your disposable or washable pan with rim (Note: the rim helps contain the marbles during this craft!)
  2. Assist the child with placing several drops of their chosen paint colors wherever they choose on the piece of paper.
  3. Add 3-5 marbles into the container and tilt it different directions to see how the marble rolls through the paint, creating different patterns and textures.
  4. Once they have finished their painting, take it out of the container and allow it to air dry.

Marble painting using bright paint colors

Colorful marble painting

Finished marble painting using blues and golds
This was the 2nd version created in a different color palette!

I can’t wait to see what marble paintings your family creates with these simple supplies and a little imagination!

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